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27 January, 2020

Training Courses

Training Courses

In order to operate radio equipment as a Radio Amateur in the UK you are required to hold a licence issued by OFCOM.

Licences are available to individuals who have demonstrated their knowledge of radio theory, practical matters and personal/public safety.

There are three progressive levels commencing with Foundation which offers access to most frequencies used by radio amateurs in the UK but with limited transmit power (10watts) and restrictions on equipment used.

The intermediate licence builds and expands on the knowledge and practical experience gained for the Foundation licence and in return offers greater power (50watts) and fewer restrictions.

The Full licence again builds on the Intermediate level with more in-depth theory and practical knowledge and gives access to more privileges a wider range of frequencies and greater power.

The current syllabus for each licence level is available by contacting the Radio Society of Great Britain on www.rsgb.org or training@badars.co.uk.

To be allowed to operate as a radio amateur you are required to have a licence issued by OFCOM.


For further details of courses or to book your place on the next course contact our training team, training@badars.co.uk

All Courses will be run at Honeywood School, Westfield Drive Coggeshall CO6 1PZ

Next Courses

Foundation Course 18th & 19th April 2020

Foundation Course 25th & 26th  July 2020

Foundation Course 31st Oct & 1st Nov